2. hang-luat-alegal - luat-su
10. Lý Thị Hương Lan

Ms. Ly Thi Huong Lan


Alegal’s Attorney




Southern Methodist University (US)

Vietnam Judicial Academy (2018)

Ha Noi University of law (2012)



Real estate and construction

Investment in Vietnam

Tax and Intellectual property


Huong Lan is a attorney of Alegal Law Firm.

Lan advises and assists many investors (both Vietnamese and foreign) to implement their investment projects in Vietnam in many fields, including retail, e-commerce, consumer goods, automotive, optics, information technology, insurance, telecommunications, feed, breweries and beverages, hotel management, catering, construction and construction materials.

Lan also advises on many real estate projects, including many famous real estate corporations such as Novaland Group, Dat Xanh Group, An Gia Group, Nam Long Land. Ms. Lan advises investors and contractors on construction related contracts, such as design / consulting, construction and turnkey contracts.

Lan is also an excellent tax consultant. With talent and dedication, Ms. Lan helps clients find the best and effective tax structures for their transactions and business models.

Major deals

  • Advised and representing for office of a large Thai corporation in Vietnam on operational and compliance issues related to advertising and promotion, supply and distribution contracts, and compliance rules and regulations in Vietnam.
  • Advised a large corporation of USA and Hoa Binh Construction Group to establish joint ventures, including developing a risk reduction strategy for employment problems related to the construction and operation of a large hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Advising Siemens AG and Siemens Vietnam on regulatory risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies resulting from an impending public FCPA disclosure in Singapore.
  • Advising Apple Inc. on the effects of competition laws on maximum resale prices and the most favored customers in iPhone sales and distribution contracts in Vietnam.
  • Advising VIB Bank on ESOP design for foreign securities to minimize legal and legal risks in accordance with Vietnam’s foreign exchange regulations.
  • Advised HP (Vietnam) Ltd. on a wide range of commercial and business matters, including on supply and distribution contracts, sales promotions and events, and competition law matters;
  • Advising a major Korean bank on the closure of a representative office in Vietnam, including termination of labor contracts and government approach.
  • Advising Scotland & Newcastle on safe harbor provisions under Vietnamese competition law may allow exclusive promotion and similar contractual arrangements to limit a distributor’s ability to sell or sell, distribution of competing brands.
  • Advise A large domestic business on legal plans, legal risks and practical strategies to lay off employees that, among other things, violate customer security.
  • Advising an Airline in Vietnam on the termination of four lease contracts with Air Mekong, as well as on termination and liquidation of contracts with related parties.
  • Advising Masan Group on restructuring and consolidating its ownership interest in a project in Tay Ninh with two simultaneous transactions, one equity association and another debt, termination and liquidation the remaining rights of two private investment funds are managed by AMC Capital.