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Regular enterprise consulting services

Alegal Lawfirm is proud to be one of the leading reputable legal consulting and legal services firms in Vietnam. Alegal encourages all clients to use regular legal advice on a recurring fee basis and maintain a long term relationship with us.

To legalize this relationship, Alegal Lawfirm will sign a contract of regular legal advice with periodic fees with clients. Based on a fixed monthly service fee, this written contract demonstrates Alegal’s commitment to act as a legal consulting partner for the client throughout the term of the contract.

Tư Vấn Vụ Việc Tư Vấn Thương Xuyên
Alegal’s services including:
  • Legal advice on the internal organization of the business;
  • Legal advice and answer questions about legal regulations related to production and business activities of enterprises;
  • Legal advice on contracts and transactions; production expansion, investment, joint venture, association;
  • Tax legal advice;
  • Legal advice on labor;
  • Legal advice and guidance on the implementation of administrative procedures (investment, land lease, land allocation, construction, registration for protection of intellectual property objects …);
  • Legal advice and guidance on administrative procedures (complaints, lawsuits, enforcement …).

Group of documents, contract and legal documents drafting services:

  • Drafting documents on the internal organization and management of the Enterprise;
  • Drafting legal documents to carry out investment procedures, joint venture, association (except project formulation);
  • Drafting legal documents to carry out administrative and judicial procedures (except for technical documents or financial documents);
  • Drafting contracts, transaction papers;
  • Drafting other documents as required by the Enterprise.

Legal document appraisal service group:

  • Appraisal of legal documents to perform administrative procedures and judicial procedures;
  • Examination of dispute records.

Legal documents service group:

  • Providing newsletter on list of newly issued legal documents;
  • Provide advisory bulletins on the impact of newly issued legal documents on the production and business activities of enterprises.
  • Provide documents, tax documents, tax schedules.

In the process of providing services, we may appoint lawyers to represent businesses under authorization to work with competent organizations, individuals, and State agencies to resolve disputes, complaints and initiation in issues of the customer.