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Alegal Lawfirm’s core values

At Alegal, the values we value most guide our actions and the expectations we place on ourselves.

All members share the common Core Values and support the company’s commitment: adding value to work, achieving excellence and promoting career development.

These values contribute to a friendly, sociable, collaborative and professional working environment.

As the momentum develops in the coming decade, Alegal Law Firm will continue to operate in line with the Core Values that have defined professionalism and what clients can expect from our lawyers.

Doanh Nghiệp Hỗ Trợ Pháp Lý Tiêu Biểu

Alegal Law Firm was honored to receive the award of Vietnam’s Outstanding Support Service Provider by the prestigious International Prizes organization.

Although the practice scope develops according to the needs of our customers, our Core Values ​​have not changed.


Alegal promotes absolute integrity, including independence (independent judgment, objectivity and professionalism), anti-conflict of interest (not taking on a role in which client interests conflict with interests Alegal’s or conflicts with the interests of other clients, confidentiality (enforcing and maintaining confidentiality) and maintaining professional integrity (maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and publicity, equal).

We are committed to the highest ethical standards of practice and with this belief, we do not tolerate any obscurity and will do all we can for our customers unless that could break the ethical standards of being an attorney or as a law firm. Therefore, training and education on integrity risks and how to prevent them are seen as key safeguards to avoid breaches of us.


Alegal law firm values ​​trustworthiness and loyalty. We build customer loyalty from bold recommendations of unique value, direction to market differentiation, personalization relationships, and flexible pricing models actively. These qualities facilitate us in providing timely legal advice, which is both sensible and responsive.

In addition, Alegal’s lawyers also owe a mental debt to the trustee’s loyalty, but will not actively take advantage of their role in Alegal for personal gain, or prevent Alegal from conducting business to joint efforts have been developed.


Efficiency is the essential factor to our success. All links in the Company operate more efficiently when the work is conducted centrally and quickly, practically but economically, flexibly but simply.

We believe in hard work and put effort into it to get the job done. We believe in performance excellence and recognize that there is always room for improvement in everything we do, and that means our work never stops.

Doanh Nghiệp Có Dịch Vụ Tiêu Biểu Việt Nam

Alegal at the Ho Chi Minh City Outstanding Startup Support Awards 2018