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Alegal’s real estate legal advice

Real Estate legal services is the core and strongest area of Alegal Lawfirm. We have a team of senior real estate lawyers working in offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and Thu Duc City.

We advise and assist clients in all types of real estate projects and transactions. Our services include compilation and negotiation of all documents, transactions for real estate project transfers and acquisitions, as well as assisting clients in smooth compliance with legal requirements in real estate projects.

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Alegal’s real estate legal services

Alegal’s services include:
  • Represent investors in contract negotiations with property owners, owners, third parties and the Government of Vietnam in all matters relating to real estate acquisitions;
  • Represent the investors to make all necessary agreements with property owners to acquire land, compensate for site clearance;
  • Representing investors in project application and completion of procedures for the purpose of obtaining the necessary approvals to invest in real estate projects;
  • Advising lenders and investors on debt restructuring and other matters in limiting lender liability;
  • Consulting solutions for customers dealing with financial difficulties for third parties, including banks and other financial institutions;
  • Represent clients in collateral recovery through court judgment and collateral recovery procedures;
  • Advising clients on negotiation and restructuring of troubled real estate projects, planning and tax strategy, including reorganization and funding or new investments;
  • Real estate advice for bankruptcies, including deferred enforcement of foreclosures, debt relief, concessions, fraudulent transfers, loan buybacks, and children’s ability debt to own property or a trustee to accept or refuse a lease and enforceable contracts;
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  • Advising clients on debt restructuring outside of bankruptcy, including structuring and executing debt adjustment arrangements, exchanging and selling assets, and transferring in lieu of collateral;
  • Advise on policies and conditions under the Vietnamese Government on foreign investment in real estate business in Vietnam, with warnings about legal barriers to foreign investors in this field;
  • Advising on the possibility of obtaining Investment Certificates for investors of specific Real Estate projects and considering alternatives to obtain approval;
  • Advise on suitable company forms for investors involved in real estate business;
  • Consulting clients and drafting documents to obtain investment certificates for specific real estate projects;
  • Advice on all legal aspects related to land transactions, including inspection of project site to ensure compliance with development master plan, reclamation policy and collection compensation land recovery;
  • Consulting and drafting contracts and other documents related to land acquisition and development.