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Investment consulting services in Vietnam

Alegal Lawfirm is one of the major legal consulting firms in Vietnam. We have a team of senior lawyers in the field of investment consulting since 2010.

This puts us in the best position to advise and provide comprehensive services to foreign investors about establishment and operation of their investment projects in Vietnam, as well as legal advice on all aspects of the law of Vietnam.

Alegal Lawfirm has consulted, supported and implemented major projects in many fields. We assist clients in each individual phase of a project as well as throughout the investment process.

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Investment consulting services in Vietnam

Our work in an investment project:

Alegal advises clients in determining the most effective legal structure for their transactions, assisting clients in assessing potential business partners and locations, performing details due diligence for the target company or asset.

In addition, we draft, review and comment on transaction documents, negotiate on behalf of clients all the terms of these documents and oversee the entire investment and withdrawal process investment capital for customers to protect customers from possible risks. Our experience allows our clients to easily navigate a project that is normally very complex.

The services we offer include detailed legal due diligence, designing project structures, establishing foreign-invested businesses, buying assets or shares, tax advice, drafting project documents, and assist in negotiation and approval processes. Through many joint venture projects, we have gained valuable experience in forming joint ventures as well as identifying problem areas in our operations and possible disputes.

Our clients not only highly appreciate legal advice, but also highly practical recommendations on how to negotiate with foreign or Vietnamese partners about joint ventures, with government agencies and other stakeholders, as well as assisting in developing strategies such as how to deal with problems and problems that may arise in the joint venture.

We also assist many private Vietnamese companies in attracting foreign investors and cooperate with their foreign partners in corporate governance.

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Alegal’s services include:
  • Advise on policies and roadmap of commitments and market conditions of Vietnam in sectors open to foreign investment in general and / or in specific business sector (s) of investors with detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different scenarios.
  • Advice on a potential investor’s ability to obtain an Investment Certificate for a specific project with analysis of technical barriers and legal conditions and review of possible changes that may be needed to be accepted by the Vietnamese government.
  • Advise on direct and indirect investment forms in accordance with Vietnamese law with a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each form to simplify investor choice.
  • Advise on procedures and documents required for specific projects and assist investors in drafting project-related documents; review and advise on all legal aspects of project related documents.
  • Represent the investors to negotiate legal terms with their business partners regarding project-related documents.
  • Provide all other support services, like translation, editing, notarization, etc.

The investor’s representative submits the application to the appropriate Vietnamese authorities and monitors the appraisal of the application and receives the investment certificate for the project.

Our team draws on a wealth of business and commercial expertise to provide a comprehensive service to the business, including on-going legal advice and compliance and corporate governance.

We provide efficient and effective solutions to address the needs of a wide range of clients from multinational companies and institutional investors to small businesses starting a business, and types of businesses established for special purposes.