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Legislation of labor law, employment and corporate compliance

Alegal is known as one of the leading law firms specializing in labor and employment law in Vietnam. No Vietnamese consulting firm has as many consultants that are ranked in the field of labor and employment practice like we do.

We are the company where other consulting firms regularly refer their clients to us when they need in-depth advice on labor and employment issues.

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Alegal’s services including:

Labor contract: /

Advice on all legal aspects related to labor issues in Vietnam, including but not limited to the following: employment contracts, wages and allowances, probation, key issues Job Book, Termination and Compensation.

Analysis and advice on key terms and conditions of employment contracts, including personal income tax, allowances, social insurance and health.

Drafting employment contracts and labor-related arrangements.

Working rules:

Consult about the structure and main terms of the company Rules work with variations that apply to specific company projects.

Draft company work rules based on company requirements.

Representing companies that file company work rules and get registered with these rules, including negotiations with the local labor agency about the company’s work rules.

Collective labor agreement:

Counseling on the conditions, requirements and process of setting up the labor collective agreement.

Consult about the structure and main terms of the labor collective agreement with the variations that apply to specific projects of companies.

Drafting a labor collective agreement.

Represent companies in negotiating labor collective agreements with workers’ representatives.

Represent the companies in submitting the labor collective agreement and achieving registration of the agreement, including negotiations with the local labor agency on the terms of the labor collective agreement.

Work permits:

Consult about the conditions, procedures and documents necessary to apply for a work permit for foreigners working in Vietnam.

Draft and prepare all necessary documents.

Represent companies and individuals in completing procedures to secure work permits for foreigners.

Contract termination and dispute resolution:

Counseling on procedures and conditions for employee layoffs or termination of employment, and on behalf of companies and individuals in negotiations on termination.

Advice on termination compensation, severance pay and other allowances.

Representing companies and individuals for labor disputes before Vietnamese authorities and / or courts in Vietnam.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields, including banking, financial services, real estate, advertising, media, hospitality and entertainment, manufacturing, consumer goods. used and always ready to provide the best service to customers.