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General introdution about Alegal lawfirm

ALEGAL LAWFIRM is one of the leading legal consulting firms in Vietnam for businesses. We participate in regional and international supply chains and transactions as legal patrons of traders. We have a team of talented and enthusiastic lawyers to provide a wide range of legal services required by our clients.

The combination of a team of Vietnamese lawyers and international lawyers helps us to provide a reasonable solution when consulting issues related to Vietnamese law while still protecting the interests of clients according to the tallest international standards. The coordination and exchange of expertise and experience of a team of lawyers help us to provide strategic solutions to clients quickly and accurately.

We pride ourselves on the absolute support we can provide to our customers. The values ​​brought to customers are the greatest motivation for Alegal Law Firm to constantly learn and improve its service quality.

Fields of strength

Alegal Law Firm is a law firm providing a diverse and complete range of legal services in Vietnam.
Our strengths include: Settlement of disputes and participation in legal proceedings, regular business consultation, Mergers and acquisitions – Corporate restructuring, international capital markets, banking and finance, construction projects, Estate period, tax advice and intellectual property.
Mua Bán Sáp Nhập

Mergers and acquisitions – Corporate restructuring

One of Alegal’s core areas of practice

Our personel

Alegal is a multinational, multicultural and multilingual law firm. Alegal’s team of attorneys are leading experts in the areas of practice in which we participate. The professional organization and well-trained training help Alegal to self-control high-quality human resources for the company’s development process.
Each lawyer when joining Alegal must remember that the client’s interests are the ultimate thing that lawyers themselves must fight to protect, the interests of the Client are the interests of Alegal and the satisfaction of the Client are the conditions for the existence and development of Alegal.

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