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Resolve disputes and participate in court proceedings

Settlement of disputes and participating in court proceedings is one of the core areas of practice for Alegal Lawfirm. Alegal’s attorneys have the expertise and extensive experience to represent clients in various disputes.

Alegal law firm represents parties in courts, arbitration and conciliation. Our Senior Lawyers are experienced in resolving disputes in all areas. Our civil litigation attorneys support and accompany you throughout all steps of the proceedings, from investigation to adjudication, and will do everything possible to resolve any dispute, any legal issues facing the client.

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Resolve disputes and participate in court proceedings

Alegal’s services including:
  • Review and analyze disputes about strengths, weaknesses and possible risks.
  • Give practical advice about the course of action and the potential means to resolve the dispute.
  • Review and advise on existing documents related to the dispute, including evidence and evidence.
  • Draft and prepare necessary documents, including complaints, counterclaim requests, etc.
  • Represent customers in negotiating and negotiating disputes with related parties.
  • Represent clients before courts and arbitration bodies in Vietnam in all stages of proceedings.

We are committed to providing professional, enthusiastic, high quality and thoughtful services to our customers. We are always willing to survey and arrange to save customers time and money, but always enthusiastically dispute lawsuits.