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Legal advice on intellectual property law

Alegal Lawfirm is known as a law practice organization with many excellent intellectual property experts in Vietnam, the Intellectual Property Division of Alegal Law Firm has extensive experience in intellectual property law and catch up with the development of intellectual property law in the new age of e-commerce and global internet.

We provide services related to invention protection, including drafting, filing, and monitoring the patent application process, including complaints against relevant decisions of the intellectual property Department.

These services may include coordinated submission and follow-up of review of Applications filed under a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and / or foreign patent applications.

Members of the group can also give opinions related to the possibility of invention protection, assessment of infringement factors for a protected invention.

Sở Hữu Trí Tuệ

We provide services related to trademarks and service marks. In addition to regularly drafting and monitoring of Trademark and Service Mark Registration Applications (including trademarks filed under the Madrid Agreement System), consultants in this Division also often coordinate a network of foreign law firms dealing with trademark and service mark cases in foreign countries.

We advise clients on a variety of copyright issues in different fields such as advertising, online and print publications, computer software, broadcasting rights in the radio industry and television.

Alegal consultants are very active in drafting and filing copyright applications, and regularly advise clients on matters such as “official works” to ensure that the client is a business business will be the owner of the copyright for works that they have hired to compose.

We advise on precautions against unfair competition practices, whether it involves copying the design of the product packaging or misappropriating domain names. The consultants in this Division can take action appropriate for each case and cost-effective for customers to prevent acts such as illegal domain name misappropriation.

Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are a part of the company’s practice area, with IP Division consultants dealing with intellectual property issues regularly ( issues of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets) both in the context of specific intellectual property-related transactions and broader business transactions.

Our attorneys also participate in intellectual property litigation in courts and state administrative agencies. These attorneys handle copyright, patent and trademark infringement cases.

In addition, they routinely dispute trade secret lawsuits and covenants in competition lawsuits, and Internet domain name conflicts. Finally, the consultants in this Division also work with other lawyers in the Litigation Group to advise on strategies to avoid litigation.