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Business mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring

Our attorneys have extensive experience consulting and assisting clients in M&A transactions within the territory of Vietnam and / or across borders for different business sectors.

We are a leading group consulting firm in legal advice on mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam, with a combination of international experience and local knowledge. We advise on a wide range of deal structures, from state takeovers / tenders to disqualification, auctions, privatization or disassociation. We may also include know-how in other areas of practice such as tax, labor, intellectual property, finance, real estate, antitrust and competition, and dispute resolution, to provide Integrated support for all Mergers & Acquisitions in Vietnam.

Alegal focuses heavily on a number of areas including automotive, real estate, pharmaceutical / healthcare, infrastructure, consumer products, media and communications. Teams in each field work closely together in a network of offices to provide customers with quality service and expertise.

Mua Bán Sáp Nhập

Business mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring

One of Alegal’s core areas of practice

Alegal’s services including:

Advising on Government of Vietnam policy on mergers and acquisitions with analysis of legal constraints and actual barriers to foreign investors, especially related issues. related to securities business, telecommunications and banking.

Advising and structuring transactions related to mergers and acquisitions, with analysis of the probability of obtaining approval of such transactions from the Vietnamese authorities.

Consulting and arranging suitable methods to implement transactions related to mergers and acquisitions. Proposing innovative solutions to problem areas in the field.

Advice on all legal aspects related to mergers and acquisitions, including reviewing and advising clients on the documents used in the transactions, with any recommendations and / or any necessary legal warning.

Drafting documents and representing investors in completing procedures to complete mergers or acquisitions transactions.

Prepare all the documents required to register a transaction in accordance with Vietnamese laws.

Legal inspection:

Assist or represent investors in conducting due diligence on legal aspects of a merged or acquired company under transactions, including legal status of assets, assets and liabilities corporate contract.

Provide legal review of that company and its assets.


Represent investors in negotiations with merged or acquired companies regarding transactions and draft all necessary documents to complete the transactions.

Review negotiations, advise investors on negotiations and finalize transaction documents based on the results of these negotiations.


Investor’s representative submits registration documents and follows up the appraisal and transaction registration process with Vietnamese authorities.

Representing investors to conduct explanatory sessions and arrange transactions with the Vietnamese government to ensure approval, approval, registration, etc.